The Day I Got Called An Inspiration….. 

Today was my 23rd Birthday!! Thank you so much for all the amazing well wishes!

The inspiration for this post comes from a comment that was written under a ‘Happy Birthday’ post I was given…

.. I have worked my ass off to lose the weight I did. Like I replied, no one tells you how hard it’s going to be. In a world of Instagram, blogging & photo sharing it’s very easy to get distracted by seeing transformations of people and thinking it happened overnight. It didn’t.

I also believe a lot of pages show skinny girls getting fitter and seeing people get six packs and toning up but for many of us we aren’t at the stage where that’s beneficial, before that there’s the hard work. It isn’t so much about the gym and the food, even though most people see that as the main part, again, it isn’t. The hardest part by FAR is the lifestyle change. Getting fit comes after, getting HEALTHY is my goal.

When you decide you’re going to lose weight you have to mentally prepare yourself for what you’re about to do. Especially when you’re a size 22 and over 100kg like I was. I’ve said this to anyone who asks me about my story..

“You won’t lose weight until you want to lose weight

And that doesn’t mean you see a photo of a celebrity in a magazine and think ‘I want to look like her’ that means your are willing to do whatever it takes at whatever the cost to lose weight. You have to change your mindset, you have to create a new routine, new habits and create a new outlook on your life. Losing weight is 100% mental, the physical part is just a bonus point that comes with it. I would never have gotten where I am today if every time I had a bad day I didn’t get straight back on my routine the day after.

I will be writing blogs on my diet changes, fitness timetables and various workouts but before I get that far I wanted to say about the mental changes you need to make.

The biggest part of my speech at the Miss London 2016 Finals explained that confidence and image is 100% mental and 0% physical, and it’s 100% true. YOU have to want it, YOU have to take the first step and YOU are the one who needs to feel comfortable doing it.

I’ve didn’t start this journey to become an inspiration, I did it for myself. but if now, at this stage in my journey I can inspire just one person to get healthy and feel confident, that would make it all worthwhile.

K xx

Photo from today’s dog walk

 #photoaday #23yearsold 

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