The Perfect Body Image..

Looking at the image below, what number is your body now and what is your ideal body number….



The issue is, that we spend so much time trying to work this out that it takes away all the hard work we’ve been done so far. I personally would say I started out at a 9, am currently at a 5 and would ideally like to be a 3. But the issue is that I spend so much time fantasizing about moving up those 2 sizes that I forget i’m already four up from where I started!

The thing about body image is that it’s 100% personal. Looking at these images shouldn’t make a difference to your journey and where you’re heading. Women were built in different ways. Whether curvy, skinny, toned or even if you’re just average you should embrace what you have. It’s so easy when you decide to lose weight or join a fitness regime to find even more flaws with your body, flaws you didn’t even know you had until you started micro analysing every inch of yourself to see if your measurements have gone down.  You should be so proud that you’ve even decided to start this journey or even if you’re now 18 months into a new lifestyle you should be proud that you’ve stuck with it.


There will always be girls who are thinner than you, fatter than you, fitter than you, eating better than do. Don’t ever let that take away your achievements and dishearten you. Taking pride in yourself and what you’ve achieved should be more important than the girls you see on your instagram. For all you know they could be 5 years into their journey and in five years you could be on the other end inspiring other girls to join the program.

There is so much pressure on everyone to look a certain way, act a certain way, and be the perfect woman that you can lose sight of who you are as an individual. The single most important part if the whole journey is making sure you are comfortable and you feel confident, otherwise what’s the point? You should be doing this to either get healthy or for yourself, the second you start trying to do this for someone else the pressure becomes too much for you to be able to stick it out for a long period of time.

Remember, everyone is beautiful in their own way, no one is perfect, and every single imperfection you have makes you unique (no one wants a world full of clones). There is no single perfect body image, be confident, flaunt what you have and be you. First and foremost whether 8 stone or 80 stone what you have on the inside is what makes you beautiful. Work hard because you want to get healthy, because you want to get your fitness up, because your body is your temple and you want it to be in it’s best possible state. Don’t do it for anyone else apart from you!!





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