Friday Questions!! #1


So i’m going to do a weekly friday questions! I never expected to get so many responses so quickly! So here’s the ones so far this week. They’re a mixed variety so i’ll try and section them off. Thank you so much for the great response to all my social media so far! Long may it continue.

1)Have you always done BBG or what workouts did you do beforehand?

I only started BBG last year. It’s been amazing following a weekly plan so I know what goals I need to hit, however I also feel that it’s important before you start a workout plan to make small changes to your fitness. Going from 0-100 in a few days normally leads to you burning out and not following it for it’s full course. Before I did BBG I just went to the gym and did cardio workouts inc, treadmill, x trainer, cycling.

2)How often do you do yoga?

I try and do a little bit everyday even if i can fit in a full class. It’s so important to take time out of your day to focus on yourself.

3)What I’d love to know is what food you ate to lose weight?

Cutting out sugar was a massive one, even though I have a huge sweet tooth it’s cutting out un natural sugars and replacing them with naturally made ones. Apart from that I just constantly eat little amounts all the time. So I always have energy but I don’t over binge a meal.

4)Were you always vegan or did you go vegan for your diet? How did you do that and how was it helped you? 

The vegan thing came about in January after I’d come back from working in Dubai where I ate my body weight in mac & cheese. I decided to cut out dairy all together and I just felt so lethargic with it and then just thought if I’m doing that anyway I might aswell cut out meat. I feel so much better for it, and my skin is better which is a huge thing.

Being vegan also means I can’t have cheat meals as easily, I use to walk past McDonald’s and just go and grab a happy meal or order pizza & Chinese food but cause it contains non vegan products I now just tend to eat and home with more natural foods. Which works a lot better for cravings etc..

5)What is Miss London?

Miss London is a beauty pageant but it focuses not only on looks also bases its foundations on charity work and helping others.

6)Why did you apply?

I looked into it last year when i started my weightloss journey but i didn’t have the confidence to go through with it. This year I feel like i’m in a very different place and it was the right time to represent all the girls losing weight and the LGBT community.

7)Were you upset you didn’t win?

Not at all, people don’t realise how close us girls get seeing each other every week for events or heats. They ended up being my sisters for the last few months and we were all so happy just to get into the finals. The girls who won were stunning and beautiful on the inside and out.

8) Will you always be Vegan?

Yes, It has completely changed my life. I thought it would be hard to go from one extreme to the other but it was such a culture shock about how much i didn’t need animal based products. There are so many replacements out there  we don’t need to eat meat.

9)Who/What inspired you to lose weight?

In all honesty, it was myself. I spoke in a previous blog about why I started this journey. I remember being in topshop and crying because everything looked rubbish and nothing fitted. I use to dread getting ready, cancel plans with friends all because of my appearance. Looking back it seems so silly! I really want to push for girls to believe in themselves and be confident in their own skin.

10)Did getting a dog help you get active?

Getting Cammie gave me a reason to leave the house, I have to walk her every morning so if nothing else it motivates my day. However is gets disheartening when your dog can run faster than you!

12) I never remember you being that big! 

I get this ALL the time… and honestly neither do it. Looking back at old photos I hardly recognise myself, but they also make me proud of how far I’ve come. I wish i’d taken more progress shots!

I hope this helped!! If i didn’t answer your question i’m saving it until next week! I received over 40 so i’ll keep them going over the next month or so. Feel free to keep messaging me with any thoughts, feedback or blogs you’d like!! 🙂

I also not have a youtube so please subscribe!! I’ll be doing videos on fitness, health and lesbian couple videos 🙂

K xx



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