A Sports Bra That Actually Works !!


So one of the questions that came up a lot this week was ‘What sports bra did you wear when you started working out?’.

One of the most annoying things that happen when you decide to get healthy is that you realise you have no sports clothing in your house and that it’s crazily expensive to buy a whole new wardrobe (especially if the plan is to lose weight as it will probably be too big in a few months). The other annoying thing is if you’re like me and started this journey as a size 22 you can’t just walk into primark and pick up the cheapest sports bra you see, it just won’t work.

Sport bras are also really really important to wear when working out, not just for comfort but if you have the right one they can be really good for your posture and form.

I tried every bra possible before finding the one brand that saved my soul. Shock Absorber.

These bras are amazing because

1) They come in sizes up to a 38F ( which was the first size i had to buy when i started workout out and even then it was a little bit tight)

2) They have some beautiful and unique patterns so you don’t have to feel like you’re the girl with big boobs in the ugly bra (which is something I get a lot when bra shopping)

3) If you get the next size up they fit perfectly when you wear a standard t -shirt bra, I hate wearing a sports bra on it’s own. Maybe it’s an odd phobia but these bras are perfect with or without a bra underneath! and finally..

4) They’re really flexible and move with your body. A lot of plus size sports bras and so stiff because they expect us to want everything held down, which of course we do but not so much that we can’t breathe. I love doing yoga so having a bra that allows me to move my body is really important.

Don’t get me wrong, they are a little bit lee expensive than your high street sports bra but the cost is 100% deserved for the comfort and the stability it gives you. Over the years i’ve probably bought 4 or 5, check out my instagram https://www.instagram.com/newdaynewworld_/ to see me wearing various styles and colours! I only buy shock absorber now and I will never go back!!

K xx



I’ve added the link below to where you can buy them. They’re also available at other websites such as very & littlewoods.



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