Lack Of Motivation…

There comes a point where you’ve been stuck in a routine for so long that you feel you need a bit of change, although change can be the hardest thing when your results are doing well. So you then begin to lack motivation, this can be in anything from getting up to go to work to hitting your 8 workouts a week.

The first thing you should do is get up, get dressed and step outside. Even if it’s just into your garden or popping to the shop to get some milk. The hardest thing is making the first few steps so if you set your expectations low then you can’t fail already giving a positive start to the day. Usually just getting up is enough to get your body working and ready for your day.

I always find the hardest time to go to the gym is straight after work, first thing in the morning is normally fine as that’s what i’m waking up for but after a long day i just want to get home to my girlfriend and puppy. I always find getting into my gym stuff before I leave work gives me no excuse not to go so it normally gets me there.

If you can’t get motivated to go outside and head into a gym then there is absolutely no reason you can’t work out at home. Get  your gym stuff on, put a mat down and do a 30 minutes full body circuit. There are so many available online and the best thing about them is that they’re over so quickly and you can still get on with your day.

Finally, just remember how good you feel when you finish at work out or make it through to the end of the day. Constantly reassuring and reminding yourself why you’re doing this and how it makes you feel is the key. Also, progress photos can be the most motivating technique. Seeing how far you’ve come and how your bodies changed proves that you can do it and sometimes it’s that little put that’s great. (anyone that knows me knows how many progress photo’s I show!)

Social media networks can be a great boost of confidence. Seeing girls constantly inspiring each other, complimenting each other and giving each other the motivation to get through workouts is inspiring in itself. Girls get such a bad name for being bitches and fighting each other but 99% of the time they just want to make each other stronger. Remember someone else is going through the same thing as you. Just push through the brick wall and the motivation to succeed will follow.

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