Advice to myself 2 years ago…

When I asked for questions to try and get some inspiration for this blog I had a lot of people ask me  “If I could go back to the start of my weight loss journey and give myself some advice what would it be?” so this blog will be 6 pieces of advice to start a weight loss journey and getting healthy.

  1. Its going to be hard – You don’t understand how hard it is to lose weight until you start doing it. You have to change your entire lifestyle and I know I wasn’t prepared for it before I started. I was hoping that after a few weeks i’d be running marathons and have so much confidence that i’d be walking down the street in a bikini but unfortunately it isn’t that easy. You will have to work everyday, slowly making more lifestyle changes as your journey progresses and keep pushing through the brick walls you see when you’ve lost motivation. It will be hard but if it was so easy then the end result wouldn’t feel so good.
  2. You have to want it – It’s more than just looking at a girl in a magazine and wanting to look like her, it about wanting it so much that when you feel like you want to give up you’re strong enough that you don’t. Looking at other people’s bodies and wanting to look like that can be detrimental, especially in magazines. We see so much photoshopping and editing it’s hard to know what’s real and what isn’t. You have to want your body to be the healthiest it can be, you have to want to do this for you, for your confidence, not because you want to be a woman in a magazine.
  3. It won’t happen overnight – One of the things I had to get use to was that the results weren’t going to happen instantly. One of the reasons progress photo’s are so important is because it’s really hard to see changes one someone you look at everyday. Scales are misleading, i’ve been losing inches but gaining weight due to muscle before and lost motivation until I saw my progress photos and could see how far I had come and how much i had changed my life. Making a realistic time frame for your journey will make it so much more doable and will lead to less failures.
  4. You’re allowed to treat yourself (in moderation) – If you want to have some chocolate buy a freddo rather than a big bar, if you want a pizza get a small one and don’t make it a regular occurrence. The reason a lot of diets fail is because people do too much too quickly and burn themselves out. If you want to make it a long term goal then you have to allow yourself to enjoy it aswell.
  5. Fad diets don’t work – Anything where you have to take a supplement or drastically change your diet will never work. When I started losing weight i tried everything and not only did I make myself poorly, I also gained back the weight the second I stopped doing it. I don’t want to give a list of diets that I tried as we could be here for years but never take supplements, don’t cut out a meal to drink a shake, the only thing you need to do it eat healthier and do regular exercise. Try and get in 5 fruit and veg a day, cut out unnatural sugars (as much as you can), walk to the shops rather than drive, eat your recommended daily intake of calories and don’t lose motivation if you go over them. Really small things can all add up and make such a difference. There’s no easy fix, the only thing that will work is doing it the old fashioned way.
  6. It will be worth it – Even when you feel that you’re not seeing results, that you can’t find the motivation to go to the gym or you can’t think of anything worse than eating a chickpea you have to remind yourself that you CAN do this. I’ve always said that weight lost is 90% mental and 10% physical. A couple of months/years down the line when you see the results, when you can run 5k without dying, when you prefer to eat healthy food as if makes you feel so much better it will all be worth it.

These are the basics I wish i’d known before I started. I thought I had to be so by the book, follow everything to the letter and I didn’t. There is no point in giving you life and body over to something you don’t enjoy. Why be miserable because of the way you look and then be even more miserable because you aren’t enjoying the change you made. Live for every second, don’t miss out on anything, any don’t regret a year of your life because you were miserable on a diet that you never saw through. Find people who can help motivate you – friends, family, instagram, tumblr anyone who can enjoy it with you. And the bottom line is to be happy and confident and show the world how committed you can be and what a difference it has made. Your body is the most important thing and the only way to keep it strong is to keep it healthy.

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  1. Hi
    My name is Zunera and when I saw your page on Instagram I was instantly inspired to get in to shape and healthy as all my life I have been called fat and chubby. Please if it is possible could you please tell me what you eat and at what time and what is your exercise routine.
    This would be amazing!!

    Hope to hear from you soon


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