Friday Questions #2

I’m still working through the questions i’ve been sent, here’s 10 for this week. I’ll try and focus on some of these in my other blogs too. If you want to ask me anything or get more details on a particular topic please let me know on facebook, instagram, tumblr or twitter!

1)Do you still get cravings for bad food?

Yes, especially sweets and chocolate. I think breaking that routine of snacking on quick unhealthy food is the hardest!

2) How do you deal with those cravings? 

I allow myself to have small amounts of what i want. It’s unrealistic to stop yourself having your favourite food forever so everything in moderation is the way forward.

3) If you’re vegan, where do you get your protein from? 

It’s such a myth that vegans don’t get enough protein. Soy milk, seeds and green veg and other foods give me more than enough protein. It works out that i’m actually getting more as i’m very aware of what i’m putting into my body now.

4) How many times a week do you workout? 

I try and get to the gym 2-3 a week but 6 days a week i’ll go for a run or do one of the at home 30 minute more focused workouts. It’s important to have a day off and to have rehab days for stretching and looking after your muscles.

5) What workouts do you recommend? 

I’ve done the BBG (Bikini Body Guide) twice now and the results are amazing. Plus it’s only 30 minutes a day of intense workout so it achievable on a busy schedule. Otherwise, if you can get to a gym just 30 – 60 minutes of a varied workout is ideal. You can always speak to person trainers there about what would benefit you with what you want to achieve. Every person suits a different workout.

6) What diets do you recommend? 

I don’t believe in fad diets, in my experience they just don’t work. It’s all about calorie controlling, looking at what you’re putting into your body and regular exercise. There really isn’t a quick fix.

7) How do you stay motivated? 

Sometimes i’m not. It’s about knowing when to push through it and when you really need to take your rest day. Looking back through old photo’s help a lot though.

8) Have you ever done a juice cleanse? 

Yes, they work for a short period of time but aren’t sustainable. I’d say 1-3 days tops, but remember they’re a detox to clean your body not a weight loss technique.

9) What happens when you go out for dinner? Does being a vegan not make that hard? 

I tend to pick out restaurants before I head out and look at the menus. Restaurants seem to be a lot more aware of vegan diets and are very accommodating towards them. I went out for a roast dinner the other day and they only have a vegan nut roast (but i’m allergic to nuts) so they gave me a veggie feast and vegan gravy. It was amazing!

10) You talk about meditation, is that important? 

For me it is. Not so much the meditation side but more giving myself 10-30 minutes of the day to focus on my mind. I’m going to do a blog in August about my struggle with anxiety and depression and it’s just meditating once a day makes such a difference to my symptoms!

I hope this helps! Check out my previous blogs for pre diet/workout tips!


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