Monday Morning.

I was speaking to someone last week who said they spend 2 minutes on a Monday setting out realistic goals for the week. Depending on the week they can be big or small. So, with that in mind, here’s todays blog and my 5 goals.

1) Finish BA training. Considering i’ve have 4 months to do this, I really need a kick up the butt to just get it done.

2)  Smash my workouts. Over the last few weeks i’ve been really relaxed with my fitness regime and I need to seriously up my game. I have 6 to fit in all thanks to BBG and I there’s absolutely no excuse not to do it.

3) Vegan. This may sound awful but 2 weeks ago I fell into the trap of having some eggs with lunch and now i’m being more relaxed than I should be. So as of today we are 100% vegan and there’s no fluctuating.

4) Decision Making. I have a few decisions to make and I keep putting them off. Mainly because i’m the most indecisive person you will ever meet (If you follow my instagram or youtube you’ll know this!) So this is the week which will influence the next few years of my life. Terrifying but it was always going to have to happen. If anyone has any tips on adulting send them over!

5) Finally……. Me Time! This week I need to take some time for ‘me’ and focusing on my relationships and looking after those. It’s so very easy to get caught up in the ‘new things’ in your life and you end up forgetting what you already have. So this week is  about focusing on them.

We’ll see how these go. I’m currently working on a few really exciting projects which tend to be distracting me and allowing me to procrastinate. However, better to be busy than not and for once i’m starting to feel content with where life is heading.

What are your motivations for the week? Let’s smash this week together!

For those who haven’t seen it, find my latest youtube video below! like and subscribe.

Kailey! X



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