Experimenting with Weight Loss: Xero Lipo. P.1

To anyone who read my last blog you will know that i’ve been hitting a brick wall with my weight loss. Everything comes to a plateau and i’ve needed a little push to kickstart my body into losing those last little bits. I’ve done so well with losing 6 stone and i’m finally realising that and not focusing on the negatives like how i’ve lost my routine recently.  So i’ve decided to change my journey . along with my BBG workout I want to try to find other weightloss methods that are able to complement it. So I decided to go to good old trusted google!

During my search I came across an advert for Xero Lipo which is a lazer treatment that triggers the release of fat cells contents and removes inches from your desired weight loss area. For me I decided to focus on my tummy! This blog will be a brief introduction to the treatment. How/what happens during the session, and as the treatment progresses I will update with fitness/meals/treatments/progress! I can’t wait to share my journey with you all.

Yesterday I visited the West London Dermatology Clinic (see below for details) for my first session and consultation for the treatment.  Within 25 minutes of arriving I was hooked up to a machine having my fat cells ‘zapped’ and all I can say is it felt like a warm hug. I wish i could offer a more profound explanation but this process was actually really therapeutic and I couldn’t believe how easy it was.


The second part of the session involved contracting the muscles around my lower tummy to breakdown the stored triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol and releasing them though channels in the cell membranes. It was a bizarre sensation, like something was pulling at my belly button but it was completely bearable. This lasted 20 minutes and by the end I could feel my muscles like i’d just finished doing the 100 rep ab challenge!


The final part of the session involved a workout. I was told I would have to do 20 minutes of light cardio but on arrival I was informed i’d actually been set up with a personal trainer. They have a private gym to use after the treatment which meant I could really get stuck in and fulfill a proper workout without worrying about what the people around me thought. They have cardio machines but as I had the personal trainer I decided that I would take full advantage and we did a 3 round circuit training. (Needless to say I can hardly feel my legs today!)

I have 3 sessions this week and on session 4 I will be able to share with you my first progress photo! This treatment has really excited me and i’m loving being back in a routine that that focuses on my health again. One of the best things about it is that it doesn’t claim to be a miracle treatment and it really instills a strong healthy eating & exercise regime. To anyone who has followed my journey the last 18 months you know that I don’t believe there’s an easy solution but I do believe that you should lose weight and enjoy it while you do it. We all go through this journey because we want to feel better about ourselves so why make ourselves feel worse in the process!

I have to leave for my next session now but i’ll be back soon with another update!

Lots of love!

Kailey xxxx
Clinic Details 

šŸ’»  http://www.westlondondermatology.co.uk

šŸ  227-229 Chiswick High Road,  London, W4 2DW

šŸ“ž 0208 742 2204

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