Getting over the hump! | FT. Xero Lipo.

It seems a common occurrence that when the middle of the week hits, motivation drops. It even has it’s own name…. the hump day.  I see it all the time over Instagram, girls asking for motivation to head out and get to the gym. Of course, in a community where everyone is striving for the same goal the support is there but why do we hit these lows?

This morning I woke up to get ready for my 5th Xero Lipo session, and I had no will power to leave my house and head over. Not because i’m not enjoying the sessions but because my moral just comes in waves. I had completely hit the brick wall. Having said that, I pushed through and showed up for my 11am session at the west London dermatology centre  with a huge smile on my face and my gym clothes and now I feel a millions percent better. Not only did I have a really great session but I also got my results from the first half of my sessions. And……



I couldn’t believe it! I knew that I felt different but I never thought I would see the changes so quickly. I just makes me want to push myself over the next week to try and achieve even better results over the final 3 sessions.

I’ve been using some of their additional products to like their chocolate and banana protein shake and their sugar and fat control sashes. [see below] I can’t believe how instant the results have been and how much better I feel within myself. I’m absolutely in shock.


We hit these lows because we lack personal belief and confidence. We are always working towards a destination; a night out, the weekend, the next exciting event. When in reality we should be living in each moment and embracing every opportunity that comes to us.

This morning when I woke up I was completely underwhelmed with waking up and had no intentions of making today worthwhile and yet when I pushed through I ended up having one of the most positive days. I think the moral of the story is that happiness is in the places and that if you push through there’s always a silver lining to every day. I cant wait for the next week!

Lots of Love!

Kailey xxx

 Clinic Details 
🏠 227-229 Chiswick High Road, London, W4 2DW
📞 0208 742 2204






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