Dealing with the negatives…

I’ve been featured on Kayla’s page 3 times now and each time I get a huge smile and a little tear as she has literally changed my life with her BBG program. Another thing that happens everytime it happens, is the influx of messages that ask me about my progress and a few messages that tell me i’ve inspired them. It’s the best feeling in the entire world, all i’ve wanted to do over the last few years is be healthy and share my journey.

HOWEVER…. with all the nice comments comes a few horrible ones and these are the ones that really stick with me. They tell me my journey is a fraud and that weight loss isn’t achievable. That its ‘not the same person in those photos’ or ‘it has to be photoshop’ and finally ‘she’s breathing in, anyone can do that’. I’ve never known how to deal with negative comments. I really bothers me that we live in a society that rather than just moving on from the instagram post or youtube video people feel the need to go out of here way comment negatively.

It’s as if people forget that they’re reacting to actual human beings. Of course not everyone is going to get along and like each other, that’s natural, it’s part of developing, but why bring attention to it? The prime case of this is on YouTube. Please can someone explain to me why they things it’s ok to put a ‘dislike’ button on the comments. People go out of there day to day lives to press that button and leave a negative comment rather than simply searching for something else or closing their web browser. All is does is bring down someone who has probably worked incredibly hard to make that video. 

In my experience is negative comments on Instagram and Facebook about my weight loss. I’ve had 24 months of completely turning my life around to get to where I am today and no matter what happens no one can take that away from me. But what they can take, and continue to do so, is take away my confidence and feeling of achievement and all because they see more floors, or can’t seem to get their head around the concept that people can lose weight and they can be perfectly happy eating a salad and going to the gym rather than eating pizza and going on nights out.

I’m sorry if this turned into a bit of a rant but this negativity affects people so much and because these ‘trolls’ don’t know the people they’re commenting on personally they feel it’s ok to bring them down. If this happened on the street or within a social environment it would be classed as bullying. There are even stories of depression, anxiety and suicide all because a ‘harmless comment’ was made.

It all goes back to that old saying ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.’ 

To all my followers who have supported me over the last 8 months through my various different accounts thank you so much. I love each and everyone of you and thank you for making my life a better place! 

Please be kind to one and other. And think about what you’re posting as how it affect those around you. 

Love as always.







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