Putting life into perspective…

Hey friends!

Stay with me through this blog, It’s not my normal kind of post but something happened to my on my way into rehearsal today that really made me think about my life and the way I look at it.

So, this morning I got on the bus as I always do to get to the station, walked to the back seats which were free and started reading my book (a girl on the train for anyone who keeps up with my weekly reads). I got through about 2 chapters (10 minutes approximately), and all of a sudden the woman a few seats ahead of me started screaming and shaking this man.  I can’t say that this man had brought attention to himself when I got on the bus, he was sat the same as everyone else, was wearing a suit, and as I looked for seats he was sat using his phone. Nothing unusual for a London commuter. But in the space of these few minutes this man had gone from using his phone to going white as a ghost and having severely decreased breath sounds. There wasn’t an outburst from the man, nothing to indicate he was in pain or anything was wrong, just the woman next to him screaming alerting the bus something had happened.

The other people on the bus then laid the man in the aisle between the bus rows and tried to find a pulse. There was a woman seeing to him (different from the screaming woman who was now in hysterical tears stood more towards the driver) who told the bus that she couldn’t find a pulse and she then perfected the recovery position and asked the driver if everyone could get off the bus. While waiting for the next route the ambulance arrived and declared this man had no pulse and said they would have to take him to hospital but said that he wasn’t coming back.

Now i’m aware this is a morbid story for a Thursday morning but it put so much into perspective for me. A man who looked perfectly healthy (i’m aware he could have had any amount of pre existing conditions) was sat using his phone, on what I can only imagine was a commute of some kind, had gone from that to having no pulse and being declared dead in the space of 10 minutes. He had no one with him, surrounded by strangers on a bus and that was it, the end of his life.

It just proves that anything could happen and you never know when the last time is the last time. Pretty swiftly afterwards I messaged my family and close friends about what had happened and told them I loved them.

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