Xero Lipo… MY REVIEW

Hey Friends!

If anyone is following my Instagram you will know that I have just finished my XERO LIPO sessions and I am genuinely upset to not be going to the clinic anymore. I have had the best time and been treated so well during my journey with them. They have been unbelievably supportive throughout my entire journey and I couldn’t have even imagined better results.

I went in unbelievably sceptical of the treatment and not being overly convinced that the results the clinic said they could offer were realistic. Even so, I went to all 8 sessions, endured the ‘contraction’ part of the treatment at a 50% intensity (the highest they allow it to go) and after 2 1/2 weeks I left with better results then i could ever have imagined!

Over the course of the treatment I have lost nearly 13cm (12.8cm) of my lower stomach and I can’t even believe it! It’s an insane amount to lose in 10 days. My only hope is that I can keep it off and I would hate to ruin the entire treatment. I never even dreamt that I would be able to lose that much so quickly let alone be doing it in a healthy and safe way!

I’ve been asked a few questions along my journey so I thought I would answer a few in this review;

Where did you have your treatment?

I had all my treatments done at the West London Dermatology Centre in Chiswick. (Link below). My consultant was called Lina and she was an absolute DREAM!

Can you do the treatment at home or do you have to do into a doctor?

You don’t go into a doctor as such, it’s a specialist clinic that has a focus on weight loss. Mine just happened to be in a dermatology centre. I will link below to where the treatments are. However I actually liked getting out the house to go to my treatments as it meant I felt more proactive rather than when I workout or just and change my lifestyle at home.

img_8069Is is just the treatment or do you have to change your diet too?

Diet is a part of this treatment but on your induction you will have the opportunity to discuss this with your consultant. They basically suggest that you eat more of a protein diet, but nothing is compulsory, it just ensures better results. They also offer a fat burner protein powder and a fat and sugar control sachets that melt on your tongue. It’s only small dietary changes but they make such a difference.



I couldn’t recommend this treatment enough! I will be posting a vlog will full details so stay tuned for that but thank you so much Xero Lipo for allowing me to be a part of this treatment. I can’t wait to shout out to the world how amazing it is.

All my love,

Kailey xxx






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