2016… The Highlights

2016 has been a horrible year for many reasons and my blog isn’t where i like to indulge into the politics of the world, So i’ve decided to write my  5 highlights through my 2016 journey. It’s always time to focus on the positives!


5) Veganism! In 2016 i decided to completely flip my life around and go vegan and it has truly changed my life. I decided to swap chicken for chickpeas, milk for soy, and take out for make at home.  As a result my skin feels better, I have more energy, i’m trying new foods and it’s opened my eyes to the entire meat industry and what I need to avoid! To anyone who is contemplating joining the meat free revolution, i’d suggest just do one monnth, if you hate it then find other ways to make changes, but honestly I doubt you’ll ever go back!


4) Miss London 2016 – As many people know this year I was a finalist in Miss London 2016. I met some amazing friends and my confidence grew a million percent! I’ve always said that i’m going to write a blog post about it and I have one drafted, but there aren’t even words to describe how great the experience is. It is without a doubt one of the best nights of my life so far. To anyone who is thinking about doing a pageant this year my only advice is don’t even think about it, Just go out and do it!


3) Working with LMTO! The London Musical Theatre Orchestra welcomed me with open arms when i started working as their company stage manager. So far this year I have worked on their debut professional concert State Fair, and their Christmas debut ‘A Christmas Carol’. Not only have the shows been phenomenal but through them i’ve managed to tick a few things off my bucket list which involved working on a large concert and working in the west end. I’ve had many a giggle and met some amazing friends on my journey and i’m thankful to everyone involved for making it a truly special experience.


2) I GOT THE JOB WITH BA!!!! Ok, so this happened earlier in the year in March but it still remains one of my highlights on 2016. I remember getting the email saying that i’d gotten the job and dancing around the living room in my pants! I officially start on the 11th January and I cannot wait to take to the skies and start 2017 with a new adventure. I wish I could explain more but stay tuned for next year as i’ll be filling you in on everything as and when it takes off! (excuse the pun!).


1) @KaileyWillsJourney Instagram – In february i decided to make an instagram account based on my weightloss journey all the positives and negatives, It was for me to track what I was doing and where i was going right or wrong. I focused on what it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Within 7 months i’ve gained 9.7K followers! I started it for myself but then I got continued support and messages saying that people were inspired by my journey. Knowing that i’ve been inspiring girls all over the world to get healthy is truly one of the best feelings in the entire world and has turned my personal instagram into a little family that I am so grateful for. To everyone who follows my journey and you really have been the highlight of 2016.


So there it is, My 2016 in a nutshell…. well, the big things anyway! I can’t wait to see what the future and 2017 holds for me. Take a look over your last year and see what job you can bring form it. The world can be full of light, you just have to find it!

Love as always!!!

Kailey xxx

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