New Years Resolutions…

With 2017 fast approaching i’ve decided to sit and write down my new years resolutions for the next 12 months. I can’t say that all of these are 100% going to happen but I’ve set myself a very realistic goal as far as i’m concerned. However when life takes over we shall see how this goes! In my last blog I spoke about my 2016 highlights and from them i’ve set myself some goals to make 2017 an even better year.

1) I want to continue my health journey and push myself even further. If you’ve seen my instagram you know i’ve had a huge dip in my weight loss recently. It’s completely my own fault but I hate feeling like i’ve let myself down.  So in 2017 I would love to push myself so I don’t have those feelings anymore. There’s no need for them, I can do this, and I have done this. Nothing it going to get in my way!

2) 52 weeks of veganism! As I only started this journey halfway through the year I want to complete a full year and turn my vegan eating into a sustainable lifestyle.

3) 11 months, 2 weeks and 1 day with British Airways… So, i’m currently due to start on the 11th January and fingers crossed everything goes to plan! This will mean I will have exactly 11 months, 2 weeks and 1 day left of the year to enjoy what I hope is going to be an amazing job! Given the recent setbacks i’m not holding my breath but if I set it as a resolution maybe it will happen.

4) Take more photos. I’m the worst person for taking selfies on snapchat, but this resolution isn’t about being even more vain it’s about making memories of where i’ve been and who i’ve met. I slightly ties into number 10 on my resolution list but this is more about taking photos and living in the happy memories.

5) Finish my novel. I started writing a book this year as something to do in my spare time whilst I haven’t been working. I have no intention of it going anywhere but I would love to finish it as more of an accomplishment.

6) Visit 25 new cities! These can be all over the world, all in the UK, all in a 50 mile radius but I want to broaden my horizons and try and get the most out of 2017. I hoping with my new job luming this might be easier that I think but if something goes horribly wrong I will see more of the world.

7) Make sure I have at least 1 date night a week. I am the worst person at making time for the loved one around me and I need to laugh more and keep my relationships flowing. So this resolution is for the people around me.

8) In 2017 I want to get my ‘dream home’. Now i’m not saying i want to find myself a playboy mansion or a pamela anderson beach house, I mean I want to have a place I can come home to that feels homely. Alex and I are currently decorating or flat so I doesn’t seem like an impossible task so hopefully I can achieve this one pretty quickly!

9) I want to do more photoshoots. I had love of shoots between April – July this year whilst I was competing in Miss London and I really miss it. Even if it’s just for fun, I miss jumping around in front of a camera.

10) I want to complete a 52 week video journal. I want to document my life and make the time to do it. I’ve never written a diary so I would love to keep a record of 2017, the good and the bad. Just for my own sake. There’s so many things that have happened this year than I wish i’d documented more of so this is hopefully going to inspire that!

Fingers crossed that all of these are achievable. What are your new year’s resolutions chickpeas? let me know!

All my love,

Kailey xxxx

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