A Year Of Lists | Part 2 | Favourites…

Sorry this is slightly late. I’m now running a week behind so will have to catch up over the month. Not a great start for 2017! So this week ’52 lists for 52 weeks’ is……..

List your favorite characters from Books, Movies, TV etc…… 

  1. Let’s start with the obvious… Belle in Beauty and the beast! Growing up I was never a cool kid, I got bullied a lot for being a bit quirky. Belle ended up embracing her geekism and ended up becoming a princess. Who doesn’t love that?!
  2. Amanda in ‘The Holiday’ – Stick with this a bit…. So this was the first film I watched that made me realise I liked girls. I had no idea in what way at that time. I was still quite young but Cameron Diaz opened my mind to a whole new outlook on life. And for that, Amanda in The Holiday’, I thank you!
  3. In the same area I would have to say Arizona Robbins & Callie Torres.. I’m going to group these together because in my head they will forever be together!  They gave such a positive interpretation of LGBT in everything from the power of their jobs to being one of the first LGBT couples to have their own baby on the show. Plus, they both huge girl crushes!
  4. This might also be a cop out but Katniss Everdeen (in the book not film, sorry J-Law). Who doesn’t love a power woman! She’s a strong, fit, female leading lady which is something we should all empower (love interest aside)
  5.  Matilda – In Matilda! – Growing up and reading about a girl who had magical powers was amazing. I think everyone wanted to be able to move sweet with their eyes.
  6.  Dolores Umbridge – Ok, stick with this one! I have never hated a character in a book so much, and to be able to get such a response from an audience I actually kind of love her for that!
  7.  Mary Poppins – Who didn’t want Mary Poppins to visit them?
  8.  Carrie Bradshaw – Again an obvious choice I guess!! I wanted to live in NYC and fall in love on the steps of the New York libary. Oh how wrong I was.
  9.  Cinderella – I am a huge disney geek so we’re lucky this isnt just a list of 12 princesses.
  10.  June in Change of Heart. This is my all time favourite book and the journey this character goes on is incredible. I couldn’t  not choose her in my top 10!


So first of all I apologise that they’re all female! But the book asked and I divulged all! Until next time.

All my love

Kailey xxxxx

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