VEGAN MEALS OUT (or in!)!!! #DeliverooGoodForYou

Hey Ya’ll!

I was inspired by a recent deliveroo order to create a list of 8 places I eat when I’m out with the girls. These are all chain restaurants so you should be able to find one near you and they’re 100% vegan and tasty! Whenever I go out I always have to research the place before I go so I decided to put together some of my favourites. Deliveroo are currently campaigning a #DeliverooGoodForYou campaign and I was one of the first people to be enticed by the marketing! So let’s just jump in! There are my favourite dishes, anything with a (DR) next to it means you can order it at Deliveroo! 

  1. Zizzi – Vegan Pizza (DR) – It’s a pizza made with Mozzarisella. Mozzarisella is 100% vegan, 100% organic and made entirely from germinated, Italian whole rice, without milk and lactose!!screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-19-45-40
  2. Leon – Sweet Potato and Okra stew (DR)!!  This is an amazing alternative to the normal food you get on the go! Plus is hot and there isn’t a huge wait which is good! download
  3. Starbucks – Moreish Mezze Salad. I was in starbucks the other day wondering what I could snack on and I decided to try this salad and OH MY JESUS it was amazing!! There’s starbuck’s everywhere so there’s no reason not to pop in and try this.11378485_1463113233987361_899365989_n
  4. Carluccio’s – Misto Di Fungi (DR). I was sat in Terminal 5 (heathrow) last week waiting for a meeting and I had an hour to kill and wondered what to get for lunch. I opted on Carluccio’s and I am so glad I did!!! This was amazing. Couldn’t be more impressed with this meal. It’s classed as a starter/side but it was plenty for me! screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-20-20-31
  5. All Bar One – Chocolate, Chilli and Cardamom cake. FINALLY A DESSERT!! I went into All Bar One for some drinks with the girls after our dinner out and saw that they had just released a vegan menu so I tried this bad boy… needless to say it was AMAZING!!!!!!! 15825944_1776626775923752_5648412885584256435_n
  6. The West Cornwall Pasty Company – Vegetable Wholemeal. Ok, so stick with this one. I was in the service station on my way back from Cornwall the other day and realised I hadn’t had a pasty the whole time I was there so I decided to grab one from TWCPC and I was SO BLOODY GOOD! I had to include it. If you ever stop at a service station and are a bit worried I urge you to try this bad boy! 280116-144245-wheatmeal-pasty_lr-e1452783826139
  7. Las Iguanas – Three Mushroom Fajitas (DR). Oh my jesus. These are THE BOMBBBBBB!!!! If you’re ever watching a show at the 02 Arena in London and watch drinks and dinner, head over to this place. I know there elsewhere but I had such a good day when I went there last time! three-mushroom-fajita
  8. Loungers – Vegan Brunch. Who doesn’t love brunch? We all do right! Well Loungers have a vegan brunch and it is so good! I’ll 100% recommend you checking them out – they also have a full vegan menu for the whole day so you’re not just limited to breakfast. 15043656_1230298613696717_2748288846167801856_n


So there are a few of my vegan dishes when I eat out. So tasty! Comment below if you’ve tried any of these or if you recommend any. I’ll try and start a vegan monthly post about my trips out for food so I can share with you all my experiences!

If anyone is looking to order a healthy alternative in, head over to for a #DeliverooGoodForYou purchase and let me know what you get!!

Lots of love,

Kailey xxxxxxxx

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