‘Why have you been so quiet?’

Hello lovely people!!

I am so sorry about my lack of posting/updating over the last few weeks months. As some of you may have seen from the wonders of Instagram I have officially started my new job and have been in training/travelling for the last few months. This means one main thing… I have absolutely no routine.

I’ve been working out/eating/ sleeping when it feels like a necessity rather than being able to stick to a set pattern. It’s just meant that any spare time i’ve had has been spent working on me rather than updating. HOWEVER, this is all about to change.

I am officially out of training and I am able to start writing again! A lot of time spent by the pool, having breaks in work, relaxing in hotels needs to be filled and is there a better way that writing a journal/diary of my trips. Yes this will include food/travel/ tourism recommendations. I have also been asked to go to loads of BBG meet ups and haven’t been able to, but i’m going to try and fit in at least one on every trip I do. I can wait to meet some of my fellow BBG girls.

Anyway, this is all very good just telling you what i’m planning but for now I though i’ll leave the link to my latest youtube video of Atlanta. Please let me know what you think/what you’d like to see more of? Speak soon!

Love you all!

Kailey xx

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