‘Sweat In The City 2017’ – London | Review

Earlier today I was lucky enough to be invited to the Sweat In The City UK launch, featuring  Clean Eating Alice ( who ran the workout) and sponsored by Adanola.image1 (6).JPG

As anyone who follows my instagram stories knows that I hate being late and I also hate people who are late…. but today this was me. Running so late that I even missed the start of the work out. I was MORTIFIED but I managed to get there in time for the majority of it. I literally threw my mat down and jumped straight into the work out.

To say I absolutely loved every second wouldn’t do it justice. The weather was amazing and the workout was absolute perfection, I  couldn’t have asked for a better morning. There’s always so much press about how girls act really negatively towards each other but being with this incredible group of girls this morning there was loving but love and admiration. Whenever I go to these events i’m always shocked about how nice and supportive everyone is. It’s just a bunch of girls with the same interests who get together to do what they love doing. I left with a huge smile on my face and feeling so confident and empowered.

image1 (7)A massive thanks to Adanola who sponsored the event this morning and were even kind enough to make goody bags for all the girls who attended. I managed to grab myself some leggings and a cap (and even have a cheeky crop on the way which I can’t wait to show you). Other treats came from WOW, Bounce, and Rude Health. I feel positively spoilt!

If Sweat In the City comes back to London I urge you all to attend. Whether you’re new to the healthy living world or you’ve been doing it for years, you will leave with more confidence that you have ever had and maybe even some new friends!

In other news I have so much to fill you all in on and now i’m settled with the new job I will 100% make this blog regular again.

Love as always!

Kailey xxxxxxxx



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