“I’ve lose 80lbs but can’t do a push up…” Losing Weight vs Getting Fit… Entering a whole new world!

I’ve been crazily quiet again on all my forms of social media so first of all apologies for that. Due to this, I’ve been wondering what I should write as my “welcome back to the internet” post but nothing has been coming to mind. For some reason i’ve been hitting a brick wall when it comes to ideas and inspiration for you all. That was until last week nn the middle of a gym class covered in sweat, I suddenly got a wave of inspiration. I knew what I needed to write about. It’s something i’ve been asked a lot without even realising people have been asking it,  coming in questions like, ‘I can’t complete the first circuit, can you give me any advice?’ It’s simply ‘The difference of losing weight & getting fit.’

It’s take me a while to even realise there was  difference between losing weight and getting fit. For 2 years now i’ve been plodding along on my weight loss journey just assuming I would automatically get fit by going to the gym, eating healthy and losing the extra weight. It’s only been since I started doing classes that I realise this is as far from the truth as possible. How is it that after 2 years and 3 rounds of BBG i can’t do a push up. I can push my body weight up, I can do a 60 minute yoga class but for some reason I just can’t get that push. How is it that I can lose almost half my body fat but i can’t run solidly for 30 minutes on a treadmill without dying. I’m sure there’s a scientific answer somewhere but for me it’s just because getting fit was never my intention. It’s never what I set out to achieve. In all honesty I never really set out to lose weight, it was a bi-product of my doctor telling me that going to the gym will release endorphins to help with my mental state at the time.

As many of you know, I’ve followed BBG since the beginning and it’s been amazing, of course the workouts have gotten marginally easier/i’ve actually been able to get through them, but I realised that even so i’ve been doing them at my own pace. Nothing forcing me to take the right form, to push myself beyond my limits, to test my fitness limits. I’ve been able to sweat in the comfort of my living room whilst being able to modify the workouts to suit me. Cut to now, i’ve started doing classes, doing my workouts in the gym, and have had personal trainers weighing on my form, strength and flexibility. It’s only been since then that i’ve realised exactly what it takes to be fit. And as it turns out being fit is something that I am far from where i am now. Don’t get me wrong, by no means am I unfit, but i wish that i’d known that losing weight was only the start of the journey and there was a long long way still to go.

I think a big part of wanting to write this post wasn’t just so I could share with you how weak I actually am, but was to let the girls who follow me know that it is perfectly ok to n be imperfect. We are all on an ongoing journey,  one that takes time and commitment. Don’t ever devalue what you’ve achieved so far, losing motivation and focus like I did in that class last week. No I can’t do a push up, but I have lost 80lbs and I can do a million more things then I could at my biggest weight. I can go out with my friends and dance until the early hours of the morning, I can run up the stairs and not feel winded, I can go to a gym class and actually put the effort in to feel good about myself. That is the most important thing, the small changes that come everyday. Don’t look at other people and compare yourself to them. I can almost guarantee that I will look back in 12 months time and laugh that I was even stressed about now doing a push up because these things will come.

Anyway, I hope you’ll welcome me back to the internet with open arms. I have so much to share with you all. Thank you for being my daily inspiration….

Love as always,

Kailey xxxxxxx

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