Quite often I get asked to promote products from companies and i’m always very cautious about what I try. I dont like promoting ‘quick tips to losing weight’ or have my before and after photo spread around the internet promoting a new magic pill (you’d be surprised how often i’ve seen this). So when I was approached about receiving a hamper filled with goodies from a variety of fitness brands I thought it might be too good to be true. Flash forward 5 weeks and through the post came the biggest cardboard box I think i’ve ever seen.

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 16.14.36.png


Yep! bigger than me.

I was so thrilled with the products inside it that I thought I would go through them with you guys now and give you a little review of what I received along with the discount codes incase any of you fancy a cheeky purchase!

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 20.01.48If you’ve found this blog from my instagram you know that I like to call my Instagram followers my little chickpeas. This came from a joke between me and a friend who said that my followers were growing like little chickpeas. Apparently it was the only vegan food she could think of. When Garbanzo send over some bags of their flavoured chickpeas it really made me giggle. Then I tried them and oh my god they were amazing! I’m always looking for snacks I can have on the go (and be able to get through airport security). Garbanzo chickpeas are absolutely perfect. There’s enough so you feel like you are getting a proper snack but not enough to feel rubbish about eating them and the flavours they have are incredible! My personal favorite is the sweet chilli but the others come a close runner up! If you’re looking for on the go snacks then I 100% recommend checking out the links below. I’ve already popped into my local store to buy some replacements as the ones I got sent were finished within 2 days… ooooppps!!
FitTea – Fitvia:


Once again if any of you have stumbled across this blog from my instagram account you will know how much I am obsessed with tea at the moment. Fruit tea, breakfast tea, detox tea, repair tea. When I found the fit tea loose leaves in my hamper I was absolutely buzzing as i’ve wanted to try loose tea for such a long time. As i’m always away with work I am apprehensive about buying things that are compact in size. FitTea has 100% changed my mind on this as it is so much better than regular tea, the flavour is stronger and it lasts so much longer. I urge you all to try it, this is the tropical 28 day detox and at this rate the detox might be lasting a lot longer then that. Fitvia were also kind enough to send me a fruit infuser bottle so head over to my instagram if you want to see that. Forever living off berries or cucumber and lemon water now! Fitvia have also been kind enough to send me a discount code for you all so check it out below!
Instagram : UK 
20% Discount when using : KAILEYWILLS20
The Coconut Company:
Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 17.10.23If you fancy a giggle go and check instagram stories  for all of the baking fails, having said that even though i’m not great at it I do really enjoy doing it. At the moment I tend to bake more for my family and friends as i’m trying to cut back on gluten and processed foods. The coconut company introduced me to two amazing products. A coconut flower and a coconut vinegar. Already this week i’ve been attempting to bake cookies and pancakes with the coconut flour and i’ve used the vinegar as a dressing on my salads as well as in my cooking. It is so refreshing to have a healthier alternative to everyday products that don’t make you bloat or feel rubbish about yourself! If you want to try these products the links
 are below as well as a discount code. Feel free to comment on the post if you want to see my gluten free and vegan baking recipes!

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 17.11.30

Discount code up and running on the website, which is SUMMER17.  It gives you 17% off everything at Website:
Indigo Herbs:
Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 17.16.39Indigo herbs/nutrition were kind enough to send me a coconut oil to use in my at home baking. As I mentioned in another review I am really trying to make organic foods and take care of what i’m putting into my body. I’ve seen a lot of online recipes use coconut oil as a non dairy replacement for other solid fats. As I have a huge sweet tooth i’ve been using the coconut oil in my muffins and breakfast waffles i’ve been making. I never realised how much of a taste difference I would get from switching vegetable oils and butters to this coconut one. I think they have changed the way I look at baking. My next step is to take what i’ve learnt and start using this product when cooking my main meals. If any of you have any recipes you would like to send on over let me know! I’d love to try them. For more information on what Indigo Herbs and Nutrition sell check out the links below. They’ve even been kind enough to send over a 10% discount code!
10% Off : INDIGOHAMPER2017 -** Enter the code at the checkout, orders £30 or over.
Blender Bottle:
Along with all my new amazing products obviously one of the most important appliances needed to use them in a bottle. You cant just drink powder on their own, well i’m sure you can but i’m not going to be the one who tries that! I have been looking at blender bottles for a while, now i’ve started drinking protein and recovery powders I wondered what would be the best bottle to use to drink them. When I received a blender bottle I was chuffed to bits, it is the perfect bottle to use. Easy to shake, easy to clean and at 1.3 litres it’s bigger than a lot of other bottles on the market. You have no idea how much of a difference this makes to someone like me who is always on the go and needs the easiness rather than the effort of spending 10 minutes trying to clean clumps of powder out the bottom of it on a friday night after a flight. It’s has honestly been an absolute dream to find a product that is so considerate to what it’s audience needs rather than how they can save money. The blender bottle is worth every penny of what it costs. I now can’t wait to invest in one of their stainless steel range. If you want to check them out the link is below as well as a discount code to go along with it!
10% Discount code is sns17ds ** Any order above 10€ valid until 1st October site, not the site
Goddess Nutrition:
Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 20.03.05Goddess Nutrition, oh you fruity BCCA powder you! I was sent the BCCA boost powder from goddess in this hamper and I am the first one to raise my hand and say that I have never previously taken any BCCA’s or really known that they are/what they do. Whenever i’ve given a product like this I always have to research it before I put it in my body.Not because I don’t trust the brands but because I like to keep track of what i’m putting into myself so I can see what does work and what doesn’t. Looking into how it all works I never realised how important it was. Last week I started using goddess nutrition after my workouts and it is so unbelievably tasty and you really can feel a difference. Any product that it going to keep my body healthy and help repair it properly is an absolute win in my eyes. I have the apple flavour which tastes incredible but they have a full range of other products too, if you want to check them out check out the link (and cheeky discount code) below!
10% Discount off everything on the online shop which is TEAMGODDESS.
Elle Sport:

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 23.17.17

I’ve tried a lot of work out clothing over the last 3 years; some for a size 22, some for a size 12. At my biggest there was no way i’d have fitted into any of the Elle Sport clothing so i just never really kept it on my radar. With this hamper I was lucky enough to receive a voucher and needless to say I have fallen in love with the brand. The clothing isn’t only stylish but also well fitting, the leggings don’t fall down and the tops don’t ride up! The material is breathable without having to show off half my skin. It’s the perfect brand for women who want to feel glamorous while they work out (because lets face it…. that sweaty face isn’t doing it for anyone!)
Arctic Power Berries:

image1 (8)

Arctic Power is a flavoured power which you put on top of you cereal, smoothies, breakfast bowls, yogurt etc… I decided to use it for something slightly different but my god it didn’t disappoint. I had vegan, gluten free, dark chocolate chip pancakes which I sprinkled the cranberry powder on once they had finished. They were absolute HEAVEN. Yes, the capital letters were necessary. Arctic Power is the perfect finishing touch to any meal. The links are below should you want to order some!
Taking The Pea:
image1 (9)
Taking The Pea are heavenly snacks which are (to simply put it) flavoured dried peas. They’re 100% vegan, yes even the ham flavoured which is super crazy. They’re perfect for snacks on the go or if you just need a little pick me up for the middle of the day. Even the portion size in the packet is enough to keep you going but without having the snacking guilt. I can’t wait to try the other various flavours! Links below if you want to check them out.
Prana Protein
s-l300Cereal bars, Original, fruity, flavoursome snacks… These are the words of dreams. Prana Protein cereal bars are another reason while I love on the go snacks. They have all of this and more. I’ve been sent the original and the cacao and vanilla bars as well as the goji berry and chai seeds. If you’ve seen my social media you’ll be able to guess my favourite, little miss beige food over here but honestly the vanilla bar is packed full of flavour. They’re the perfect size to take to the gym with you as well as being packed with protein and being vegan friendly! These have very quickly turned into my post gym snack. If you fancy trying some for yourself the link is below with a 25% off discount code which is extremely generous! I cant wait to buy more and share them with my fitness friends and followers.
25% Discount :  LOVEPRANA plus free delivery
Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 20.01.38Snacks, snacks, snacks, snack and more snacks! I’m beginning to think that I actually prefer snacking to eating! So… I haven’t been able to try these personally so Jimini’s I am sorry but there is a good reason for this. 1)I’m allergic to nuts… 2) they’re made with cricket flour, yep, you heard me crickets, like the insects. If you do eat animal products then don’t be so quick to turn around and judge because there are a lot of health benefits to eating insects it would appear. They’re rich in proteins and vitamins, omega 3 & 6, but also in minerals! I send my beautiful other half on a mission to try these and she said they were absolutely incredible! You couldn’t even tell that they had animal products in them and tasted just as good as other cereal bars and they even had an incredible selection of flavours. I’ve even been online to purchase her some more to take to work. If you want to know more about the brand, health benefits or want to order some to try then please check out the links below! They’ve even been kind enough to send me a discount code to share with you all!
Discount code: WORMDERFUL10
It can be used until the 7th July and it grants 10% over the whole site.
Mighty Matcha:
Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 20.02.16Oh Tea….. How I love you. You may think im joking but I actually in love with tea. You might have guessed from the countless times i’ve mentioned it in this blog. I never realised the benefits of different teas until really recently. Green tea for example is used to help with concentration and and relaxation. When I saw Mighty Matcha green tea in this hamper it was one of the few products that I actually hadn’t heard of so I researched exactly what it was and how it helps. Mighty Matcha green tea has 137x the antioxidantes that regular green tea, its 100% organic and it’s also vegan. As well as those amazing pieces of trivia it tastes absolutely delicious. I’ve only been drinking it for 2 weeks but it’s helped keep me awake and it’s helped me recover from heavy gym sessions i’ve done. The links are below if you want to check out Might Matcha for yourself including a 22% discount if you buy it on Amazon. It is 100% worth it.
22% Discount – Amazon : 
Sweet Revolution :
Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 20.02.54This was a product that I was not expecting to find in this hamper. Mainly because I didn’t even know things this existed. Turmeric Lattes, who knew they tasted so good?! It’s products like this that really make me excited about receiving big hampers. I’m always looking for products that I can take to work with me, that dont use any liquid limits but I can easily mix with water onboard to make myself tasty treats to get me through a long flight. I’ve found that the Sweet Revolution range are up there with the best. They’re so easy to use. You only need 4 teaspoons and some warm milk which is easily accessed for me and I can take the powder across the world with me. I’m so glad I was able to enjoy this little gem and now i’ve got a taste for it I cannot wait to try the other flavours. The other amazing selling point for this brand is that they’re 100% dairy free so even I can enjoy it on the go. If you want to have a look at any of the other flavours or try some for yourself the links are below, along with a discount code should you buy 4 bags! Absolute steal.
15% Discount : On any of the four Instant Drink Products – Code TREATME
West lab:
Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 16.53.15West lab are a company who have researched into recovery bath salts. If you follow any of my other social media platforms then you’ll know that I travel a lot with work. I’m constantly looking for ways to help improve my recovery before a long flight. I was actually given a small sample of these salts before this hamper and I have been obsessed with them since then. I’ve finally found a way that I can go to a workout class while im away and not have my muscles suffering while I work the 13 hours afterwards. The super salts are so relaxing and you can feel your body unwinding as you use them. Not only do they have the body repair salts that I use but they also have muscle repair and a body cleanse. If anyone struggles with recovery after a workout I highly recommend this product. Check out the links below for more infomation!

image2 (2)

Oh Missfits… This is a brand I have seen constantly on instagram with everyone raving about how good it tastes and how it’s 100% vegan. I’ve always been a bit apprehensive to try the home powders as I’m happy to admit that I tend to be the lazy person who just buys them when they finish the workout from the bar. Missfits might have changed my outlook on this. It tastes incredible (I use soy as I am allergic to hazelnuts which is the milk the packet recommends) and between the flavour of the powder and the sweetness of the soy it feels like i’m having a naughty milkshake! With is being a vegan product I can assure you guys that I will be buying more of these the second i’ve finished with this bag. They’ve even given me a cheeky discount code for you all to use! Check it out below to get 20% off.

Instagram:                                                    Facebook                                                                                                      20% Discount code : Kailey20


Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 16.53.03

Wellthos is another company that I have seen absolutely slaying the instagram scene. I have to admit i’m always a bit apprehensive about getting monthly boxes as im a vegan and allergic to nuts. Luckily enough with this hamper I was sent a previous months box so I could see what kind of items they normally contain. I was blown away with how much was packed into it! Not only was it snacks like dairy free buttons and cereal bars, but also gym equipment and drinks. I was so impressed with the box that i’ve already ordered another for my housemate who is always looking to try new food products. Of all of the monthly boxes i’ve been sent Wellthos is by far the most considerate. Every item had a clear purpose to why it was there and all of either tasted amazing or was incredibly useful. Thank you so much for sending me a box, i’m officially hooked! Check out my discount code below for 10% off this incredible product!
Discount code: SN10
Sorry this blog has turned into a complete product review but I just wanted to share with you the amazing products and how you can purchase some for yourselves! If you have any questions about anything you’ve read, or you want to send me over some recipes or other items that I should buy to compliment these they feel free to comment below! Thank you so much for all the support you’ve given me and stay tuned for a very special giveaway coming over the next few weeks. For now it’s a goodbye and I will speak to you all very very soon.
Lots of Love,
Kailey xxxxxxxx

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