“But it’s too hard to go veggie”…..

Hey guys!!!

Welcome to 2018! You might have noticed the distinct lack of posting over last year. I hadn’t forgotten about all of you, but I took some time out to focus on my life, my travels, and seeing the bigger picture. It’s my new years resolutions to get back on top of this with weekly updates and i’ll try and fill you in on all things flying and my continued healthy living journey.

That isn’t what this blog is going to be about though. This blog is going to be about my beautiful better half who has done what some might call the impossible. She’s gone veggie!! I say that some might call this impossible because, like her, they’re raised on a diet of eating meat and it’s hard for them to see the past that and look at other food options. As many of you know i’ve been veggie/vegan for coming up to two years now and it’s taken a lot on convincing but SHE FINALLY AGREED TO TRY IT.  This is the person who would order a blue steak with a side of another blue steak.

She’s a week into it and I honestly couldn’t be prouder. Her entire outlook on food has already changed. It hasn’t been easy (there was a phone call in M&S when buying a sandwich which almost lead to the whole thing being over) but she’s a week meat free and has finally realised that this is a lifestyle she could be willing to adopt full time. I think this just proves that however hard it might seem on the outside, going veggie really isn’t as hard as people think. The world is currently changing and making cruelty free food so much more accessible. If you’d asked any of our friends who would never go veggie they would have all said Alex, yet her she is, a new year and a new lifestyle. I’ll do my best to keep you all updated with now it goes. I’m also going to try and share recipes and food we’ve been eating in hopes that it might inspire a few more people who are on the verge of giving it a go the confidence to do so!

Anything is possible if you really put your mind to it.

Well that’s it for now, just a very brief update on 2018! I’m hitting the western states a lot this month so hopefully it won’t be too cold and I can go out and explore/share my trips with you. Feel free to message me any of your favourite veggie or vegan recipes and i’ll make sure we try them and update you via my instagram story!

I hope you’ve all had the best christmas and new year!

Lots of Love,

Kailey! xxxxx

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